Saturday, September 29, 2007

RaceDV at Koni Challenge

We're working with Tyler Givogue, a good friend to RaceDV and a great race car driver. Here's the video from his latest race. They started 10th and we're up to 7th before having a brake failure. Did you know brake pads can melt?!
They got the issue resolved and made their way back from the rear of the pack to finish 12th. Here's some in-car video with our data overlay.

I love race footage! Their last race of the season at Virginia International Raceway just ended. They finished 12th. Footage soon to appear on

Our Worst Video

What to write for a second post? I could introduce the team, but we've done that already on the team page. I could post some of our favourite videos, but there will be PLENTY of that later.

I figured I would show our worst video. This is the video I used as part of our demo at the Ottawa Venture and Technology Summit this past week.

This is from before RaceDV and our technology was even a concept. This is why RaceDV is in existence today. So even though this is our "worst" video, it is certainly one of the most important in RaceDV's history.

Tim is driving his sleeper Civic with a TypeR engine and Rob is riding shotgun(See team page for introductions). There's a camcorder mounted to a headrest mount right between the two front seats.

Needless to say, not as nice of a presentation as what we offer today. Not to mention I'm sure that was at least mildly unsafe.
I was there too, driving my Protege5. I wish I could have a RaceDV Memoir of my sessions that day. Our in-car video would have been far better than the camcorder memory I'm left with.
Here's an example.

I hope you enjoyed the videos. Brings a smile to my face when I see how far we've come in a year and a half.


Welcome to the blog!

Hi all, and welcome to the RaceDV blog. We've had a few interesting stories and videos(of course) that we thought would be great to share. We had no way to share these outside of so here we are, with our very own blog!

Bookmark this, subscribe to the rss feed, add it to whatever aggregator you use for some hopefully fun, interesting and possibly inspiring stories(and videos of course) from the RaceDV team.

If you haven't visited yet, what are you waiting for?! There are lots of great videos to watch, vote for and comment on.

Enjoy both and our blog.


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